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Carlita PMU - Ottawa Microblading and permanent makeup

Carlita Microblading in Orleans Ontario

Enhance your natural beauty with the expert touch of a Permanent Makeup Artist offering Nano Brows, Ombre Brows, Eyeliner, Lip Blush, and Microblading services in Orleans and Navan Ontario

Carlita PMU - Microblading Ottawa and Permanent Makeup Artist


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Carlita is a certified permanent makeup artist (PMU) and professional registered nurse. Specializing in ombre brows, eyeliner, and lips, she provides her clients with beautiful and natural-looking results. Her mission is to help people feel their best by enhancing their features with permanent makeup. Carlita’s vision is to make permanent makeup accessible to everyone who wants it, regardless of budget or location.

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permanent makeup will help enhance your beauty. Carlita PMU provides these services to residence in Ottawa Ontario

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What is Nano Brows?

Ever wonder what nano brows are and why they’re gaining so much attention lately? Nano brows are a semi-permanent procedure that involves using a machine

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Microblading Aftercare

If you’ve recently gotten your eyebrows microbladed, congratulations! Now that you’ve achieved those perfect brows, it’s important to make sure they stay looking their best.

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Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing technique used to enhance the appearance of eyebrows. It involves using a manual tool to make tiny incisions in the skin and depositing pigment to create hair-like strokes that mimic the appearance of natural eyebrows.
Microblading is generally considered safe when performed by a trained and experienced professional in a clean and sterile environment. However, as with any cosmetic procedure, there are potential risks and side effects such as infection, scarring, and allergic reactions. It is important to do your research and choose a reputable and skilled microblading artist.
Microblading results typically last between 12-18 months, depending on factors such as skin type, sun exposure, and aftercare. Touch-up appointments may be needed to maintain the desired look.
Most people report feeling some discomfort during the microblading procedure, but it is typically described as mild to moderate. A numbing cream or gel is usually applied beforehand to minimize discomfort.
Before your appointment, you should avoid alcohol, caffeine, and blood-thinning medications for at least 24 hours. You should also avoid waxing or tweezing your eyebrows for at least two weeks prior to the appointment, as well as any facial treatments that may cause irritation or sensitivity.
Aftercare for microblading typically involves avoiding getting the treated area wet for at least a week, avoiding sun exposure, and avoiding picking or scratching the area. You may also be advised to apply a healing ointment and avoid certain activities such as swimming or sweating heavily.
It is generally recommended to avoid wearing makeup on the treated area for at least a week after microblading to allow for proper healing. After that, you can gradually start wearing makeup as long as you avoid applying it directly on the microbladed area.
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