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What is Microblading?

Are you ready to get those perfect brows you’ve always dreamed of? Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that is quickly becoming the go-to way of achieving beautiful, natural eyebrows. Keep reading to learn more about this revolutionary beauty treatment!

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup method that uses small needles and pigment to create realistic-looking eyebrows. It can be used both as a cosmetic enhancement and as a corrective measure for sparse or overplucked brows. Unlike traditional tattoos, the pigment is not injected deep into the skin; instead, it sits closer to the surface, which allows for more subtle results and less damage to the skin. The effects typically last anywhere from 12 months up to three years depending on lifestyle habits and aftercare routine.

The Procedure

Before undergoing microblading, it’s important that you book a consultation with your technician so they can evaluate your skin type and discuss your desired results. During the actual procedure, numbing cream will be applied in order to minimize any discomfort throughout the process. Once complete, your technician will apply ointment before sending you off with instructions on how best to take care of your new brows.

Aftercare & Maintenance

It’s important that you follow all aftercare instructions given by your technician in order to ensure proper healing and lasting results. This will likely include avoiding direct sunlight or tanning beds for at least two weeks post-procedure; refraining from exercise or activities that cause sweating; and avoiding skincare products containing AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) or Retinol for at least one week following treatment. You may also need additional touchups every few months in order keep up with any fading caused by sun exposure or lifestyle habits like swimming and tanning.

Now that you know what microblading is all about, why not give it a try? With careful consideration of all aspects of this procedure—from finding the right technician to following an aftercare routine—you could finally achieve those picture-perfect eyebrows you have been dreaming of! Whatever you decide, make sure that safety comes first when it comes to permanent makeup treatments like microblading. Good luck!

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